34 years ZSOIL.PC

30.8.2019  9.00 AM – 5.30 PM  at EPFL Innovation Park – Building E, 1st floor, room 1 107.11, Lausanne, Switzerland    REGISTRATION FORM

The symposium combines invited presentations, and independent contributions by ZSOIL users and others. It has been taking place every year in late summer over the past fifteen years, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Lausanne.

Numerical simulation in geomechanics, constitutive aspects, soil-structure interaction and associated structural analysis  with emphasis on present and future engineering practice: theory, applications, case studies, failure analyses, optimization.

5 lines abstracts of papers on topics linked to NUMERICS IN GEOTECHNICS & STRUCTURES, state of the art contributions on dry or partially saturated rock or soil, soil-structure interaction, interfaces, thermal effects, ultimate load evaluation, safety assessment, optimization, can be submitted any time. Notification of acceptance will be given on/before June 30th.2018 . Presentations in final form will be due 22.8.2018, for distribution to participants.
Please submit abstracts to:

Symposium Program

09:00 M. Cudny, UT Gdansk and A. Truty , UT Krakow & Zace Ltd
A new Hardening Soil-Brick model in ZSOIL

09:30 G.W.Byun, Seoul

Comparison between FE Analysis Softwares for Known Elasticity and Plasticity Problems

10:00 R.Obrzud, D.Vernay Karakas-Français, Lausanne, O. Hey, Monod&Piguet+Ass, Lausanne
A numerical modelling approach to design the LEB tunnel in Lausanne with the aid of ZSoil

10:30 BREAK

11:00 A. Truty , UT Krakow & Zace Ltd
Modeling linear/nonlinear creep and aging in the plastic damage model for concrete in ZSOIL

11:30 A.Urbański, UT Krakow, P. Przecherski IDEALOGIC ltd, Krakow
Artificial intelligence in ZSoil. Analysis of layered rocks with use of Artificial Neural Networks as ZSoil constitutive user model


14:00 Z. Fouad, X. Vingerhoets, S. Commend, Geomod Ltd, Lausanne
Introducing uncertainty quantification into ZSOIL

14:30  M.Hohberg, IUB Engineering AG, Bern
Strength Reduction for Ultimate Limit State Analysis by FEM — from the DGGT Benchmark to a 3D Application. 3D FEM analysis of the construction pit for a TBM driven flood discharge gallery

15:00 Xu Sihui, Li Xiang,YIN Ji, SGIDI Shanghai (presented by K.Podles)
Effects of excavation and  building-construction on adjacent metro station

15:15 BREAK
15:35  M.Roby, Geomod France
Modelling of ship impact on bridge pier

16:00 BREAK

16.10 ZSOIL, recent advances

M.Preisig, Geomod Ltd,
ZSTools for Rhino: How you can use Rhino to increase productivity in building ZSoil models

Recent developments in ZSOIL’s virtual Lab.

A.Truty & K.Podles
Soldier Pile Wall analysis with ZSOIL, a new template

17.15 Aperitif, sponsored by Geomod Ltd   

19.30 Speakers Dinner

Engineers and developers interested or confronted with the need to perform accurate numerical simulations or optimizations for complex underground , above ground or combined constructions  have an opportunity to exchange experience, see state of the art presentations of recent case studies and get a comprehensive introduction to numerical simulations in 2D or 3D, in particular with ZSOIL.PC, in dry or partially saturated rock or soil, with full structural capabilities, soil-structure interaction, interfaces, thermal effects, ultimate load evaluation, continuous safety assessment, including creep, swelling, dilation, dynamics etc.

 is a user-friendly 2D/3D finite element package for soil, rock and soil-structure analysis available and used worldwide since 1985, and continuously upgraded. The program was developed at Zace Services Ltd, by a team of engineers with research experience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne,  UC Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Cracow University of Technology, Stanford University . The aim is to provide civil engineers with a simple tool to accurately support geomechanical and structural engineering analysis, dimensioning and optimization.
Since ZSOIL.PC first  came out in 1985 it has steadily gained worldwide acceptance among practitioners as well as teachers and researchers. Today, unto ten free student versions are downloaded every day.

The meeting will be an opportunity for people involved in numerics in geotechnics and structures to exchange experience and ideas.


FEE: 200 EUR (free for speakers, 50% discount  for ZSOIL yearly licensees and  ZSOIL owners, 10 EUR for students). Registration requested.


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